Five Alternatives to Your Running Routine


It is well known that running and jogging can create stress on bones, joints and tissue, but how bad can it really be? Well, research shows that the impact of running involves over 100 tons of metric force absorbed into the athlete’s feet and legs during just one mile of training. Want to stay in shape, but don’t feel like subjecting your body to that kind of punishment on a daily basis? Here are five strategies to reduce the damage without skipping a beat. Use the Elliptical Elliptical trainers are a fantastic alternative to running. Not only can you produce …

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Avoiding the Bad Health Habits of Recreational Sports

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Joining a recreational sports league, or developing an outdoor hobby might seem a great way to take off a few pounds and increase your metabolism. Why grunt away in solitude at the gym when you can be social, have fun and participate in fun low-stress games and competition? But there are dangers. For instance, while studies show that joining a softball league can help you lose weight, many can turn into beer-drinking leagues in disguise, actually adding to a portly frame. Here are some ways to prevent the double-edged sword of sports-turned-social-activity and make sure you get in shape. A …

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