Five Alternatives to Your Running Routine


It is well known that running and jogging can create stress on bones, joints and tissue, but how bad can it really be? Well, research shows that the impact of running involves over 100 tons of metric force absorbed into the athlete’s feet and legs during just one mile of training. Want to stay in shape, but don’t feel like subjecting your body to that kind of punishment on a daily basis? Here are five strategies to reduce the damage without skipping a beat. Use the Elliptical Elliptical trainers are a fantastic alternative to running. Not only can you produce …

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Five Fat-Burners To Put In Your Body


In a diverse world of body-building and dieting products, how does the consumer know what is safe and effective? There is an obvious wide canyon in safety between fish-oil tablets and mysterious body-elixirs imported from Thailand, but what about the grey areas in-between? Here’s a quick overview of five popular fat-burning products – and how they work. Appetite Suppressants The most popular time-honored appetite suppressant is coffee. The caffeine in coffee actually works as a double-agent, while drinking helps to curb your appetite, the gentle stimulant also increases your body temperature, which increases fat-burning. For those looking to take off …

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