Five Fat-Burners To Put In Your Body


In a diverse world of body-building and dieting products, how does the consumer know what is safe and effective? There is an obvious wide canyon in safety between fish-oil tablets and mysterious body-elixirs imported from Thailand, but what about the grey areas in-between?

Here’s a quick overview of five popular fat-burning products – and how they work.

Appetite Suppressants

The most popular time-honored appetite suppressant is coffee. The caffeine in coffee actually works as a double-agent, while drinking helps to curb your appetite, the gentle stimulant also increases your body temperature, which increases fat-burning.

For those looking to take off a lot of fat quickly, try a more potent prescription drug like Saxenda. However, doctors recommend that usage be discontinued in less than 4 months if you are not losing substantial weight.

Fat Blockers

Currently in-vogue and considered relatively safe and effective is the fat blocker Orlistat, which absorbs a percentage of the fat you eat and helps the body excrete it as waste. It can be purchased over the counter, making it a convenient choice for those looking to give it a try.

Pregnant women should avoid purchasing Orlistat. Weight loss is not recommended for expecting mothers, even if you are overweight or obese. The fat blocker is also considered unsafe for those suffering from thyroid problems, diabetes, liver disease, or those with malabsorption syndrome, or the inability to digest food and nutrients properly.


If you read bodybuilding magazines, you have undoubtedly seen photos of “ripped” bodies in ads for thermogenic fat-burners. Don’t fall for the hype. Models are often photo-shopped, greased up and even dehydrated before shooting the ads!

However, that doesn’t mean the blends of caffeine, Vitamin B and other stimulants can’t be effective in losing body fat. Before purchasing, ask your doctor if thermogenic products are the right choice for you.

Future Research Possibilities

Peptides are amino acid sequences replicated synthetically into small molecular chains.. Scientific studies on animal research subjects have shown that peptides can reduce fat by naturally acting on the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. Various peptides produced by Nova Nordisk have been developed and studied to help combat fat and increase overall health and energy. Some peptides have been shown to aid in sexual performance among  many other healthful benefits.

Qualified persons and researchers can learn more about how to buy peptides by visiting The products have not yet been approved for human use or consumption by the FDA.

Food and Drink Solutions


Prefer to go natural? Studies show that many types of tea are shown to block fat in the body. Black tea is yet another double agent, stimulating body heat and fat burning as well as acting as an appetite suppressant.

The Chinese tea oolong has also been shown to help reduce cholesterol and aid in the human body’s ability to burn fat while increasing metabolism. A recent study by doctors in China showed that patients who combine oolong tea into a healthy diet experience significant, steady weight loss. Read reviews at

However, don’t force yourself to drink a liquid that tastes bad to you. The best way to combine teas or other products into your fat-loss regimen is to find what you like, and stick with it. Happy melting!