Avoiding the Bad Health Habits of Recreational Sports

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Joining a recreational sports league, or developing an outdoor hobby might seem a great way to take off a few pounds and increase your metabolism. Why grunt away in solitude at the gym when you can be social, have fun and participate in fun low-stress games and competition?

But there are dangers. For instance, while studies show that joining a softball league can help you lose weight, many can turn into beer-drinking leagues in disguise, actually adding to a portly frame. Here are some ways to prevent the double-edged sword of sports-turned-social-activity and make sure you get in shape.

A Drinking Club with Golf on the Side

Legend has it a new member of Augusta National Golf Club walked into the clubhouse late one January afternoon, and asked where all the golfers were. It was getting late in the day, and any tee time later than 3 PM would result in a round shortened by darkness. “They’ll be here, just wait until tonight,” said a bartender. “This is mainly a drinking club now.”

Unfortunately, a recreational round of golf can involve a lot of eating and drinking, cancelling out any health benefits. As an antidote, ask your clubhouse if they serve lean meat or diet beer to drink at the turn. Another splendid way to get more weight-loss benefit is to walk the course, instead of riding. Don’t feel like hauling your clubs around? Let a buddy drive, and walk from tee to green anyway.

Softball, Soft Body

A hilarious Jim Rome monologue on YouTube is based around Softball Guy, who invests thousands in equipment and injuries other players with attempted heroic plays on the field to show off his skills. “If you care about the score of a softball game longer than it takes you to run from the outfield to the dugout, you are Softball Guy,” laughs Rome.

But there are ways to keep softball healthy and fun without offending other players. Try having a competition with yourself instead of the other team. Discreetly set a stopwatch and time yourself around the bases in warm-ups, and see if you can set a new best time every week.

Fishing for Tobacco

Fishing can quickly become a heart-harmful, weight-gaining activity if always from a boat. The cliché of obese, chaw-spitting bass boat fishermen exists for a reason.

Don’t let the boat do the work for you! Try surf fishing or walking the bank of a brackish coastal waterway. Inland freshwater anglers can try wading a trout stream, or lifting a canoe up your favorite river – then enjoying a well-deserved float home.

Future Research Possibilities

development of peptides

Many different peptides are currently being researched for many future health benefits. One company, Nova Nordisk, who has pioneered the development of peptides, which have been shown to help increase energy and help stimulate metabolism in test patients. GHRP-2 is one peptide that has been scientifically shown to stimulate the natural production of growth hormone and fat-burning processes in the body. Research studies on animal research subjects have shown reductions in fat and improvements in calcium ion influx. GHRP-2 is not yet approved for human use or consumption by the FDA.

Egg in the Hand, Not the Table

Recreational touch and tackle-football leagues abound, and participating can be a great high-energy fat burner and muscle builder. However, be cautious if you’re serious about it – adult “minor” league clubs are notorious for poor organization and folding up. Need more details? visit http://www.onesandgrain.com/alternatives-running-routine/

So even if you were a star in high school, set aside those semi-pro ambitions and join a non-profit recreational league. Who cares how many people are watching? The goal is to have fun, play hard…and build your good health.