Five Alternatives to Your Running Routine


It is well known that running and jogging can create stress on bones, joints and tissue, but how bad can it really be? Well, research shows that the impact of running involves over 100 tons of metric force absorbed into the athlete’s feet and legs during just one mile of training.

Want to stay in shape, but don’t feel like subjecting your body to that kind of punishment on a daily basis? Here are five strategies to reduce the damage without skipping a beat.

Use the Elliptical

Elliptical trainers are a fantastic alternative to running. Not only can you produce similar results and fat-burning without the nasty stress on your feet and joints, you can work out your arms simultaneously.

Careful, though, not to make classic mistakes with the elliptical. Be sure to lean back and keep pressure on your heels, not your toes, for instance. Too much forward-lean or slouching can cause your feet to go numb and end your session early. Other common mistakes include not setting high enough resistance, or not entering your personal stats into the calorie-burn counter of the machine.


For serious trainers, a boxing-focused regimen can be a great alternative to running, even if you don’t box competitively or even match blows with another person at all!

Studies indicate that sparring with a punching bag can burn over 400 calories per hour for a 155-pound person. Other training associated with boxing includes jumping rope, throwing a medicine ball and using a speed/timing bag, which are all great for your muscle mass, body fat ratio, coordination and timing, and do not come with the punishment of running on pavement.

Climb the Stairs

Using the stairs instead of an elevator might seem like a great extra frill in a health regimen, but remember trotting up or down any hard surface produces joint-stress. Instead, the best way to build muscle and burn calories with stair-climbing is with the stair machine at your gym.

Live in the country? Put on some old shoes, and find a hill to climb on soft ground. Damp, bushy fescue or moss can help absorb your steps without damage. Fine pea gravel is another alternative, but make sure you don’t cause an avalanche!

Future Research Possibilities


Peptides are synthetic amino-acid chains that can aid in energy, metabolism and fat-burning. Scientific studies on animal research subjects have shown that the peptide Melanotan-2 has the ability to suppress appetite, increase sexual drive, and stimulate the melanocyte receptors which which will increase tanning.. Melanotan-2 is not yet approved for human use or consumption by the FDA.

Visit the Pool

If running on the pavement, at the gym or on the stair-master don’t scratch your itch, visit the pool. You can, of course, run aquatically, which is terrific if used in spurts. See more detailed information at

But experts have listed dozens of other fun and rewarding pool exercises other than traditional swimming. They include wave-jumping, surf-strolling, and an adventurous move called “The Helicopter,” a submerged combination of squat-thrust and sprinting. Get wet, have fun, and keep your feet and knees stress-free!